Theatr Yr Ifanc Rhos 1990 Youth Theatre

Theatr yr Ifanc/Rhos 1990 Youth Theatre is a vibrant Community Theatre based in the heart of the Community. It takes members from all parts of Wrexham County Borough from the age of 5 – 21. It was formed as a direct result of the success of a Community Show ‘Half Year End’ which was performed amongst the, then, ruins of the Stiwt, the Miners Institute in Rhos. As a result of a huge fundraising effort by people within the village, the Stiwt was rebuilt and a Youth Theatre formed in 1990 and was privileged to be part of the reopening concert.

Since then, the Youth Theatre has grown and gone from strength to strength under 4 Artistic Directors in its history since 1990 – Paul Drake (7 years), Christine Dukes (14 years), Lisa Van Der Horst (2 years) and the current Artistic Director is Rob Stevens, like all three before him, well known in theatre circles within Wrexham, Chester and Shropshire. Rob is assisted by Leah Tyson and former TYI member, Dan Shenton.
They have a strong partnership with BSV Spielmannszug, Drupplingsen, Germany and have visited them four times, with the band making four return visits to Rhos.

The group meets every Thursday during school term time and is split in to three sections:

Our Past Productions

1990 Half Year End
1992 Selwyn Sud in Bubble Trouble
1993 Alice
1994 The Dracula Spectacular
1995 Dros Ein Plant
1997 Queen Beryl and the Romans
1998 Ragged Child
1999 Beyond the Rock
1999 Y Gwynt Ir Drws
2000 Out of This World
2000 Follow the Star
2001 On the Bright Side of the Road
2002 The Roman Invasion of Ramsbottom
2003 Teula @ Trefeca
2003 Return to the Forbidden Planet
2004 Good Offa Hall
2004 Under Milk Wood
2004 I want to be a Star
2005 A Midsummer Night's Travesty
2005 Daniel and the Lions
2006 The Wiz
2007 Peter Pan
2007 Street Child
2007 Follow the Star
2008 Beyond the Rock (Stiwt)
2008 Beyond the Rock (Bishof von Kettler Schule, Menden)
2009 Rainbow's Ending
2010 The Best of Broadway on Broad Street
2011 Our Town
2011 A Midsummer Night's Dream
2012 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2013 Treasure Island
2013 Our Day Out
2013 Legends on Holiday
2014 Bugsy Malone
2015 Stage and Screen
2016 Annie
2017 Alice the Musical
2017 Fame Jnr
2018 A Trio of Magical Tales
2019 Seussical the Musical


Ages six to eight (school years one and two), 6:00 to 6:30.
Ages eight to 11 (school years three to six), 6:30 to 7:30.
Ages 11 to 21 (secondary school upwards),
7:45 to 8:45.

For more information, please contact us.


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